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Thursday June 13, 2024
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PlanetRemote Standard Edition 2.0

PlanetRemote Standard Edition PlanetRemote™ is a unique software application that enables you to take control of your computer remotely and interact with its desktop as if you were sitting right in front of it!

You can take control of your computer from any other computer connected to your local network using either a web browser or the PlanetRemote viewer application included with this product.

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What's New
Product Comparison

The comparision chart highlights the differences between Standard and Plus Editions.

Product FeaturesStandardPlus
Annual Subscription (US Dollars)None$24.95 USD/year
Product Fee (US Dollars)$39.95 USD$39.95 USD
Dynamic DNS Solution
Includes PlanetDNS Client - Our Dynamic DNS Client software that allows you to control your computer from anywhere on the Internet using an easy-to-remember Internet name. Update Successful
Dynamic IP - Access your computer anywhere with the included PlanetDNS Client software even if your computer has a dynamic IP address. Update Successful
Remote Computer Control
Use a regular web browser - Use any JAVA enabled web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, etc. to control your computer remotely.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Change color resolution on the fly - Easily change the colors used to display the remote desktop from 256 colors to 24-bit True Color.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Connection compression - Select different compression levels for DSL, Cable, LAN or Dialup connections.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Clipboard transfer - Transfer the clipboard contents easily to and from the remote computer.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Full screen capability - View the remote desktop in full screen mode.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
File Transfer
Download and Upload - Easily download and upload files to and from the remote computer.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Supports local and removable drives - View the remote computer's local and removable media drives such as CD-ROM, Floppy, USB Drive, etc.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Password authentication - Provide a password each time you want to control your computer remotely.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Intruder lockout - Automatically lockout intruders with excessive login failures.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Host policy - Allow only specific hosts to connect and control your computer remotely.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Detailed logging - All remote control connections are logged, including connecting host name, IP address, date and time.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Share your desktop - You can have multiple remote users share your desktop simultaneously.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Guest invite - You can disable the remote keyboard and mouse if you want to invite guests you trust to login to your computer for demonstrations.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Support Center
HelpDesk Support - You can designate a computer to act as your support center for providing remote control assistance.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Connections, Routers and Firewalls
Multiple Computers behind a Router* - Remote control multiple computers behind a single router from the Internet. Update Successful
Supports DSL, Cable, Dial up, Wireless, LAN* ConnectionsUpdate SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Supports Routers*Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Supports Firewalls*Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
PlanetRemote Viewer
Control using the PlanetRemote Viewer* - Use our free Viewer application as an alternative to using a web browser.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Station Locator - Automatically searches and lists available stations on your network that have PlanetRemote installed.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
WAKE on LAN - Automatically wake up computers that are shutdown.Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Free Technical Support - (Mon - Fri 8:00am - 6:00pm EST.) Toll Free (North America) 1-866-779-1518 option 2
E-mail Support:
Update SuccessfulUpdate Successful
Free Support Test Tools - Test your services using our Test your Server toolUpdate SuccessfulUpdate Successful

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